Lenny participated in many sports as a youngster and by the time he was 17, he excelled in two sports in particular: mountain biking and cross country skiing. That year (2006) Lenny had the distinction of being named to the Provincial teams in both sports. Soon after, Lenny realized that a decision had to be made, as to which sport he would focus on. Some factors that may have influenced his decision might have been: his nordic heritage (Estonian/Swedish); or perhaps it was the pleasant memories of being hauled around ski trails in his parent’s backpack as an infant; or maybe it was the realization that it was far easier to find skis to fit his large stature than a mountain bike. Whatever the reason, Lenny chose cross country skiing.

Lenny’s progression through the Jackrabbit and Development Team programs at Hardwood helped to prepare him for his journey as a cross country skier. After high school, Lenny deferred his acceptance to university for one year and he moved to Horseshoe Valley (north of Barrie) to train on snow at his home club, Hardwood. Since then, Lenny has made his way through the ranks of the Canadian ski program until making the World Cup Team in 2011. Over the last two seasons Lenny has earned himself 5 World Cup Medals. 

Outside of skiing Lenny keeps himself busy with all the other sports he enjoys. He takes advantage of every opportunity he can to spend time in the ocean doing what he loves, wIndsurfing and surfing. Every spring Lenny spends his time in Maui Hawaii working on his waterman skills. He also loves to spend time at their family cottage dirt biking and wake surfing with family.

Lenny is very grateful to his parents who have supported him since the beginning, his home club, Hardwood, for believing in him, and his coaches and teammates who have helped motivate him to be the best athlete he can be. 


World Championships 2011 15th Sprint FT

World Cup

2nd 15km CL Val di Fiemme (ITA) 12/13
3rd Sprint SK Val Mustair (CH) 12/13
2nd Sprint CL Drammen (NOR) 11/12

3rd Sprint CL Stockholm (SWE) 11/12
3rd 15 km CL Falun (SWE) 11/12
5th Sprint CL Kuusamo (FIN) 11/12

9th Sprint SK Drammen (NOR) 10l11
12th Sprint World Cup Overall 11/12 

Sista and Brotha

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