Saturday, January 22, 2011


After last weekends Sprint WC in Liberec Dasha, Chandra, and I had a long 18-hour travel day en route to Otepää, Estonia. The next morning we went for a ski on the beautiful Otepää ski trails. This is the record amount of snowfall ever recorded for this time of year! It’s amazing, and it just keeps on snowing. It is such an amazing race site; they just recently built brand new chalet with huge bleachers, as well as a new waxing complex for the races. They are ready for the massive Estonian crowds.
I am especially excited to be back in Estonia because it’s my family’s homeland. It’s been a while since I last spoke Estonian so I was a bit nervous to give my first ever Estonian interview.  I guess it went pretty well because it made it onto National TV! This week I focused on improving my speed after my mediocre result last weekend in Liberec. I had some really good workouts filled with short sprints. I feel much better this week, my pre race intervals felt much better than last week. I am looking forward to the classic sprint on Sunday.
On Wednesday the rest of our team and wax techs arrived after spending the first half of the week training in Finland. I am so happy to have the wax techs back; we had been waxing out own skis all week with no tools. We had to put klister on our skis with no heat gun or metal brush… it was a mess.  

Pic of the entire WC crew

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